Ghost GirlEdit

Ghost Girl (Crusaders)

Real Name Wendy Hunt


Created by: Technohol 13


  • F GD(10)
  • A EX(20)
  • S TY (6)
  • E GD(10)
  • R TY(6)
  • I TY(6)
  • P TY(6)

Health: 46 Karma: 18

Popularity +5 Resources: GD(10)



Displacement Costume: Wendy has the ability to shunt her electromagnetic presence away from her body by several feet, which has the effect of making folks see her several feet away from her true location.

This applies a -2 CS to anybody's FEAT rolls when attacking her, as well as giving Wendy a +1 CS to hit them, in turn - they can't dodge quite right, since she's not where she appears to be.


Acrobatics: Wendy is a very nimble young woman, being quite agile and quick on the draw. As a result of this, she is allowed to roll up any Dodge, Escape, or Evade, Feint or Weave maneuver as if the applicable ability score was +1 CS higher than is listed above.

Martial Arts type B: Wendy is quite adept at taking advantage of her quick nature, and can make short, controlled strikes against any opponent. As such, she receives a +1 CS on her Fighting score when making unarmed melee attacks (punches, kicks, etc...).

Tumbling: Wendy's nimble nature also lets her take a fall without hurting herself much. Concerning any non-damaging fall, she can make an Agility FEAT to see if she can land on her feet; this helps to avoid any embarrassment that may come after getting thrown around.


The Ghost Girl was a member of the Crusaders, and as such she can rely upon those would-be heroes for assistance should she but ask - they got on pretty well despite the fraudulent nature of the team that they participated in making.

Gameplay tips

  • Initiative Bonus:
  • Max running speed:

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