Real Name:Jonathan Reed Richards


Created by: Ben Riely


  • F AM(50)
  • A EX(20)
  • S AM(50)
  • E CL1000(1000)
  • R EX(20)
  • I MN(75)
  • P CL1000(1000)

Health: 1120 Karma: 1095 Resources: Un Pop: -10

Known Powers: Hyper-Space Manipulation: Hyperstorm is a mutant with the power to tap the extradimensional realm called hyper-space and the forces that eminate from within it for many effects:

True Flight: CL1000 in space, Sh-Z in atmosphere

Gateway: Hyperstorm may open gateways into "Hyper Space dimension" at will with CL3000 ability. He may use this for instant teleportation to anywhere in the universe.

Invulnerability: CL1000 resistance to Heat, Cold, Corrosives, Toxins and Disease

True Invulnerability: Un resistance to Physical and Energy

Force Field Generation: CL1000

Kinetic Bolts: CL1000 intensity

Self Sustenance: CL1000, Hyperstorm has no need to breathe, eat, drink or even sleep.

Electromagnetic Manipulation: Hyperstorm can emit and control the energies that make up the Universal Spectrum at Sh-Z ability. The following is a list of Energies make up the spectrum: --Hard Radiation --Light --Sound --Microwaves --Radio waves --Magnetism --Heat --Gravity

Continuum Control: Hyperstorm is able to tinker with the nature of matter and have some control over the space/time continuum at Sh-Z rank. This power he may perform as one or more of these powers: --Damage Transferal --Disruption --Regeneration --Time Travel --Teleportation

Equipment: None

Talents: Unknown

Contacts: None

Gameplay tips

  • Initiative Bonus: +5
  • Max running speed:

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