Sister GrimmEdit

Real Name:Nico Minoru

Sister Grimm


Created by: Ben Riely


  • F TY(6)
  • A TY(6)
  • S PR(4)
  • E GD(10)
  • R GD(10)
  • I TY(6)
  • P IN(40)

Health: 26 Karma: 56 Resources: PR Pop: -10

Known Powers:

Artifact Creation: Un ability to summon the Rod of One, an incredibly powerful mystical relic has been fused to Nico's soul. The rod stores itself inside her and comes forth whenever her blood is drawn. After a few uses, the Rod will automatic return itself to inside Nico.


Rod of One: Un material, has the following power stunts:

-Power Simulation: Un, allows the wielder to produce any spell effect of up to Un rank, effectly making the wielder a quasi-sorcerer supreme. However, Nico can only seem to use spells once period and should really consider being more ambitious with her spells. Whether this is a true limitation of the rod or simply because of Nico's novicehood remains to be seen.

Talents: Occult Lore, Mystic Background, Trivia: Death, Heir to Fortune

Contacts: Runaways Gameplay tips

  • Initiative Bonus:
  • Max running speed:

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